Micro auto gasification system


MAGS is a disruptive technology, as it changes the way we look at waste management. In fact waste management becomes an important resource instead of a costly nuisance.

MAGS - Micro auto-gasification system
The concept used during development of the MAGS system is micro auto-gasification. In micro auto-gasification organic waste is loaded into a special designed pre-heated gasifier.
The waste is exposed to moderate (700 degrees) heat under a vacuum and low oxygen condition. The organic waste is broken down into 2 components: a volatile gaseous fraction and a carbonaceous residue. Via micro auto-gasification the volatile gaseous fraction (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) is fully combusted in a combustion chamber and therefore allowing a semi self–sustaining process. Furthermore the technology incorporates a gas cleaning system, which consists of a quench and wet-scrubber. Unlike conventional incineration our technology is able to recover thermal energy via an energy recovery module (water-to-water heat-exchange). In addition, due to the specific operating temperature the formation of polychlorinated dioxins and furans (PCDD/F) is avoided.


MAGS benefits

On site: safe and clean processing of a variety of waste streams
Eliminates disposal costs and negative impact of transportation
Improved health and safety
Requires little fuel as it produces its own from the loaded waste