MAGS Technology

Micro Auto Gasification System – Waste to energy

Managing waste streams may raise difficulties and have considerable environmental impact. Many conventional methods such as: landfilling and incineration are well known for these effects. The picture is worse if we also take into account the means of disposal and transport, as we tend to accumulate and re-direct our waste to third parties. This is especially valid if you are quite a distance removed from any available infrastructure and or you have a stream of toxic/hazardous waste to handle…

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Terragon Europe

Terragon Europe is independent commercial partner of Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. Canada. We’re a local partner for our dedicated European region and provide consultancy, business development, sales engineering and after market –service for new and existing customers. With a background in the Maritime industry we have know how on challenging projects, limitations and are used to working under the most stringent conditions.

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