Industrial Hazardous Waste

Many industrial processes generate by-products which are hazardous substances notably: highly flammable, toxic, corrosive and reactive. Due to the nature of the substances conventional incineration is either not allowed or not a preferred solution.
Industrial Hazardous waste
Hence, the hazardous substances need to be transported by and to specialized sub contractor’s facilities. This method introduces the risk of the transportation itself for the company and in general also is a very costly operation.

MAGS – micro auto-gasification technology is ideally suited for the processing of these substances on site, thereby eliminating the transportation risks, eliminating the environmental impact of the processing facility, reducing the disposal costs and harvesting the embedded energy of the waste streams for the site.

MAGS is able to process about 15 ltr/hr of liquid waste and 40 Kgs of dry hazardous waste simultaneously.

Dyno Nobel Case

Dyno Nobel case

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