Military Waste

Evidently the military understands the impact of day–to-day waste management for their operation in the field. If not managed properly for any military deployment it forms a challenge, health and operational risk.
Military Waste
Waste streams from the troops are preferred to be processed on site for the obvious reasons. It does not make sense to backhaul, or burn in pits although without a viable and easy deployable technology there is not much choice.

Conventional incinerators maybe used however they are fuel and labour intensive. They impose an environmental impact and are very noticeable to their surroundings imposing operational risks.

MAGS is the optimal solution because of the broad spectrum of organic solid and liquid waste possible to process, low fuel consumption, is easy to operate and maintain. Last but not least has no impact on the direct surroundings and environment.

Therefore, MAGS also reduces exposure and operational risks compared to conventional incineration. One MAGS system is able to treat the complete waste stream of a battalion (up to 1000 persons) whilst generating energy from the waste streams in the form of hot water for the camp.